Coffee & city guides



At Coco di mama this morning on Leather Lane with my Allpress soya cap and newly acquired Copenhagen guide; I walked straight to my usual corner seat by the coffee cup light installation. Guides do get outdated quickly but they are so useful at the time of travel especially when recently published which is the case with this one by Cereal.


I collected my copy from a stylish shop calledĀ  Luna & Curious on Calvert Avenue close to Arnold Circus in Shordtitch. I was heading to the Colombia flower market for my usual supply of eucalyptus branches. On the way back, I briefly stopped at All Press on Red Church Sreet. The tui, allpress coffee are some of the things that immediately transport me to New Zealand not that I have ever heard a tui in London or anywhere but New Zealand. Since J. Crew opened next door the coffee shop has shrank making it incredibly hard to find a seat. I managed to get a stool outside and repositioned it to face the sun. Squeezed the hydrangeas and eucalyptus leaves between my knees, placed the guide on my lap, cup on one hand and mobile on the other. ‘Avocadomad’ defined as ‘rye bread topped with avocado); I’m reminded of how much these small pleasures fill me with joy.


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